The Silva Life System Review

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The mind is a very powerful tool in our body that we have failed to harness to its maximum capacity. What we do not realize is that being able to tap the power of our minds can lead to amazing, if not life-changing, results.

In the 1940s, Jose Silva discovered ways in mastering the power of our mind by changing how we think, and a lot more. This is called the Silva Method, which has now developed into the Silva Life System even after his death in 1999.

What is the Silva Method? How does it work? What can we get from this product? Is it worth it? All these we will answer through this review, which will focus on the Silva Methods’ home study course, the Silva Life System 2.0.

silva life system reviewsOverview of the Silva Life System

The Silva Life System is a self-help/personal development program that will teach you different techniques on how to reach a Zen-like state in just a few minutes.

This program was discovered in the 1940s by a Texas electronic repairman, Jose Silva, who had a keen interest and knowledge in psychology, parapsychology, and religion. He believed that 90% of the world’s population utilizes the left hemisphere of the brain, a fact founded on Roger Sperry’s split-brain model. He further believes that the remaining 10% who uses their right hemisphere of the brain were considered to be of higher intellect. Based on this premise, he was able to look into a technique that will aid people in effectively “switching” our thinking mechanism to the right side of the brain at will.

After years of trial and error, backed by scientific facts and research, the Silva Method has been in the market for more than 50 years and has been the foundation of many mind control methods and self-help instruction manuals.

The Silva Life System, which it is now more popularly known, has been developed into a software and is narrated mainly by Silva’s daughter, Laura, with other experts in the field such as Isabel Silva-Chateau, Nelda Sheets, Ken Coscia, Marjorie Dearmonth, and Father Justing Belitz.

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silva life system reviewHow Does It Work?

The Silva Life System uses a step-by-step approach that is mainly presented in audio lectures. Some of the practices utilized in this program are deep guided meditation, visualization, affirmations, positive- thinking, and self-hypnosis. The main object of these techniques is to access our subconscious mind by heightening our state of awareness. This further leads to increased mental functioning.

The system mainly works by manipulating the frequency our brain waves to reach the Alpha state, the state that we usually are in when we are asleep and which is likened to a deep meditative state when effectively harnessed when we are not asleep. Silva believes that reaching the Alpha state makes it easier for us to access our subconscious, which is more receptive to positive energy compared to the selective conscious state.

In this home study program, we will also learn the five pillars in mind empowerment, the steps in entering the Alpha and Theta states, the three key steps of the goal-setting process, and a lot more. Furthermore, the program blends in spiritual methods, a component that is aimed to bring balance to our lives.

The program promises that we will be free of stress for good, develop positive thought patterns, heal our bodies, boost our creativity, attain powerful goals, sleep better, and a lot more.

reviews of silva life systemPricing and Included Products

There are three options in learning the Silva Method. One is the Starter Kit, which is absolutely free. It includes 60 minutes of introductory audio exercises and 9 insightful lessons.

The most popular option is the Silva Life System 2.0, a home study program priced at $149 (Silver, digital download), $299 (Gold, physical collection), and a discounted $299 (Platinum, digital and physical collection).

For each package, you get the 13 CD modules of the Silva Life System, workbook, and 2 bonuses, recordings of Laura Silva’s story and the Target Image Exercise. The product also comes with an unconditional 90-day money-back guarantee.

Lastly, the third option for the Silva Method is the 2-day seminar, which is done worldwide.

What We Like About This Program

  • One of the great aspects of this program is that it takes only 5 minutes of our day. We can set our own pace, which is very convenient for busy people.
  • The program is designed for all walks of life, for all genders, and for all races. The Silva Method is for everyone who is interested in improving their selves and in improving their lives as a whole.
  • The most attractive aspect of this program is that it gives versatile results. In being able to control our minds, we can do wonders, not only for achieving success and abundance, but also for having a happier and more fulfilled life.
  • Another wonderful thing about this program is that it teaches us how to maintain doing the techniques learned even after we have finished the program.
  • The program is also very convenient to use in that it is an audio program, which can be brought anytime anywhere.

What We Do Not Like About This Program

  • There are not a lot of cons for this program. However, this requires open-mindedness and a belief that this program will actually work for us. This program isn’t for those who are looking for a miracle fix to their problems. With the techniques being taught here, we need to be committed to learn.
  • You may also need to review the techniques from time to time, as some of them cannot be immediately applied to our lives, depending on our individual situations. The good thing is, the program is organized into chapters and is presented in an easy and step-by-step manner; hence, reviewing shouldn’t pose as a problem.

silva learning systemOur Final Verdict

Despite the unrealistic claims of increasing our IQ and tapping in to our clairvoyance, the Silva Life System has been lauded to have very satisfying and life-changing results. The program has been used by many people, professionals included, and it still remains to be one of the effective methods in personal development.

The Silva Life System 2.0 is very intuitive and easily understood, does not take so much time in your day, and is handy and convenient to use. The package may be more expensive compared to other similar self-help programs, but the results that you get compensates for the invested money. To wrap it all up, we believe that the Silva Life System is indeed worth to buy and does truly work.

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